Stuti Aga creative depiction

Stuti Aga

Choreographer, Performer and Instructor in Indian Folk, Classical Fusion and Bollywood dance

Dancing since the early age of 7, Stuti ​has been trained in​ the ​classical Indian ​d​ance ​form of ​Bharat​an​atyam in ​the​ Pandanallur ​style ​by Guru Mayuri Gordhandas.She ​has also trained under late Guru​s​​(late) ​Indumati Lele​ and ​Harsh Samir Tanna​. Stuti​ specialises in Indian Folk Dances primarily from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra,Assam, Punjab and Kashmir. Bollywood dancing is ​essentially a contemporary ​amalgamation of ​many such Indian styles ​which is portrayed in the internationally popular Bollywood movies.

​Stuti is ​incredibly passionate about dance and ​nothing brings her more joy that expressing herself creatively through music and movement. Her ​many years of ​Bharatanatyam training ​have ​provided ​her with ​a sound foundation in not just rhythm and dance but grace, expressiveness and a spiritual connection to Indian culture​.​

Alongside her dance journey,​Stuti has also been traveling on ​an inward journey. ​Introduced to ​y​oga, p​ranayam, ​meditation and Reiki at a very young age​, she practi​s​es ​m​editation regularly and ​believes her spiritual ​activities bring her the strength to ​stay calm and focussed despite the hectic daily life she leads, successfully juggling a full time demanding job and growing family with her passion for dance and ensuring that none of them get neglected.
The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of positive thinking continue to brighten every day of her life.

She ​wants nothing more than to share her love for dancing with the world. With your support and goodwill she ​believes she is bound to be successful in her mission.