“Dance is that delicacy of life radiating every particle of our existence with happiness.”

Stuti Aga Dance Company, SADC Zürich is a Zürich Switzerland based Indian folk, classical fusion and popular Bollywood dance company.

We offer
Regular dance classes, weekend workshops, drop-in classes and private training.
Performances, cultural awareness workshop, corporate events, creative collaborations and event management.

Stuti Aga, trained in both Indian classical and folk dance forms, is a veteran stage performer. Her unique choreographies amalgamate the multi-faceted dance styles she is adept at. Over the years, close to 250 students have trained under Stuti and thousands have been inroduce to Indian culture. She and her dancers have performed to packed houses all over Switzerland. Stuti’s quest and passion to introduce Indian art forms to the world at large is unceasing.

Come join us to discover new and creative ways to express yourself through Indian folk, classical fusion and Bollywood dance.



Bollywood dance Course (8 Sessions)

Duration: 09.05.2019 – 27.06.2019 (Thursdays)

Time:        18:15 – 19:15

Location: Dance-it Studio

Fees:         200 CHF (160 CHF < 18 yrs. Or with Legi)

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