Indian folk dance of Punjab

Stuti Aga dance company based in Zurich Switzerland provides classes , workshops and performances for Indian folk dances Bhangra and Gidda


The dance known as Bhangra is one of Punjab’s most popular dances and the name of the music style. Bhangra is done with classic style Punjabi dresses, and with instruments including a Dhool, Chimta, Algoza etc. It was originally danced during the harvest season, but now is a popular form of celebration at any time such as weddings and festivals. Bhangra is a very popular style of music and dance in Punjab, but is also very popular in the diaspora. It is a mixture of many steps like dhamaal, jutti, Fulka, Sialkoti, Dankare, Jugni, Mirzi, Fumnian. Other folk dance of Punjab like Jhummar, Sammi, are included in Bhangra.


The counterpart to male bhangra, giddha is a female folk dance from Punjab. It is an energetic dance derived from ancient ring dancing that highlights feminine grace and elasticity. It is often accompanied by singing folk couplets known as bolliyan