"Dance is a constant communication; not just performing. Every experience and communication has to be through the body; the intellect is only one part of the body."- Sardono Waluyo Kusomo

Upcoming Dance Workshops

Bollywood, Indian folk and Classical Fusion
Song based choreography, Introduction to Indian culture, Kids creative dance and Dance party workshops

SADC Garba Workshop (Indian folk dance from Gujarat workshop)

We are thrilled to introduce a Garba workshop where participants will learn to groove to popular Bollywood songs, and together, we will create a mesmerizing performance that will leave you spellbound.

Garba, a dance form associated with the auspicious festival of Navratri, is known for its lively and rhythmic movements. It involves graceful circular patterns, intricate footwork, and colorful costumes that reflect the joy and spirit of the celebration. In our workshop, we will blend the traditional elements of Garba with the infectious beats and melodies of Bollywood music, creating a fusion that celebrates both the old and the new.

Led by our expert Garba instructor Stuti Aga, participants will embark on a journey to master the vibrant steps and energetic rhythms that define this traditional dance. With every sway and spin, they will immerse themselves in the infectious energy of Garba, feeling the music pulsate through their bodies. The workshop will focus on technique, coordination, and expression, ensuring that every participant feels confident and comfortable on the dance floor.


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