Guest Workshops

Guest Workshops 2022

SADC Kinder Bollywood Hiphop Tanz workshop Zurich
SADC Oriental fusion Bollywood Workshop (Add grace to your moves) Bellydance bollywood dance Zuirch Switzerland with Stuti Aga Andrea Karabensch

Past Workshops

Sharmila Rao Workshop

International Yoga day 2018

Sharmila Rao ist eine Bharata Natyam Tänzerin in Zürich. Sie unterrichtet und tritt seit mehr als 20 Jahren auf. Durch diese Erfahrung entwickelte sie einen neuen Ansatz, wie indisches Tanztraining noch effektiver und gesünder sein kann. Sie fügt daher dem traditionellen System des klassischen Tanzes neue funktionelle Übungen hinzu, die nicht nur den Körper stärken, sondern auch dazu beitragen, die Bewegungen im Tanz präziser und subtiler zu machen. Mit diesen innovativen Übungen will sie Verletzungen vorbeugen und gleichzeitig das Verständnis der Schüler für ihre eigene Tanzanatomie vertiefen.

Sharmila Rao is a Bharata Natyam dancer based in Zurich. She’s been teaching and performing for more than 20 years. Through that experience she developed a new approach of how Indian dance training can be more effective and healthier. She therefore adds new functional exercises to the traditional system of learning classical dance,  which not only strengthen the body, but which also help to make the movements in dance more accurate and subtle. By introducing these innovative exercises she aims at preventing injuries and at the same time deepening the students understanding for his own dance anatomy.

Sunny Singh Workshop Zuerich 2018

Sunny Singh Dance workshop

First time in Switzerland

It is with great pride that we invite you to participate in a trio of dance workshops to be conducted by famous choreographer and performer Sunny Singh, on June 16 and 17 at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Sunny is trained under Saroj Khan and now based in Madrid, Spain. These workshops are part of his Tour “Mission: Peace, Love and Dance” which has already taken him to Italy, China, Malaysia, France and now Switzerland.

Sunny is an incredible teacher and dancer and we hope that many of you will be with us to share the joy of dance, and show Sunny just how much we can rock the house! His workshops are famous for their simplicity and fun and it will be an unforgettable experience.

1 Weekend. 2 Days. 3 Workshops. BollyFusion, BollyLavani and BollyBhangra.

An extra workshop specially for children (7-12 yrs).

Light snacks for sale at very reasonable prices will be available during workshop breaks on both days.

Indian Performing artist based in Zuerich Switerland Europe


“Dance is that delicacy of life radiating every particle of our existence with happiness.”

Stuti Aga Dance Company, SADC Zürich is an Indian folk, classical fusion and Bollywood dance school based in Switzerland. We conduct regular dance classes in Zürich and  give workshops and performances across Europe.

Weekend Workshops
ZurichTanzt biggest dance festival in Switzerland with Stuti Aga Bollywood dance workshop at Volkshaus Zurich

Next upcoming workshop is a Holi themed Bollywood fusion on 5th March 2023.  More details to follow

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Weekly Dance Classes
Stuti Aga Zurich Switzeralnd Indian Bollywood bhangra dance classes

Regular classes on Tuesday 18:00 hrs at GZ buchegg, Zurich. Easy registration via whatsapp. Try a class before you join.

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Private Training
Swiss Indian wedding dance Bollywood Hochzeit Tanz Choreography with Stuti Aga Zurich Switzerland

Couple dance, Hen party activities, want to learn a specific choreography or prepare for a performance. Contact for more details

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Team Building Events
Team building event university school zurich Switzerland Bollywood workshop

Are you a school teacher, a corporate employee or a club member looking for an activity for team building and cultural awareness. Bollywood workshop and introduction to body movements as a non verbal communication is very well received by all our clients. Inquire more.

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Dance Performance
Bollywood and Indian folk dance performance Europe Switzerland

Joy through dance and movement to popular bollywood music, makes every event/ party lively and engaging. Checkout our clients, find what do they say about our performance and group.

Make your event a memorable one, contact us for more details.

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Creative Collaborations
Artist Collaboration Stuti Aga

I believe in creativity and when multiple arts forms, dance styles and artists connect, there is sure to be a master piece choreographed.

Checkout my previous collaborations and connect if you like to explore more.

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About me

Stuti Aga, trained in both Indian classical and folk dance forms, is a veteran stage performer. Her unique choreographies amalgamate the multi-faceted dance styles she is adept at. Over the years, close to 250 students have trained under Stuti and thousands have been introduce to Indian culture. She and her dancers have performed to packed houses all over Switzerland. Stuti’s quest and passion to introduce Indian art forms to the world at large is unceasing.

Come join us to discover new and creative ways to express yourself through Indian folk, classical fusion and Bollywood dance.

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Dance Repertoire


"All display of talents do not become an object of art; the talent that touches the hearts of onlookers and listeners only can be called an art, be it music, painting, sculpture or dance."

- VP Dhananjayan

Dance Performances

Dance Workshops

Dance Classes


"If you want to dance from the heart and not just with two feet, art has to be a state of being. It has to constantly be there around you, reflect in your behaviour, speech, action and emotion. It also has to extend beyond your life and thinking, absorb and reflect the pain and joy of others..."

Checkout more photos below

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"Dance is a constant communication; not just performing. Every experience and communication has to be through the body; the intellect is only one part of the body."

- Sardono Waluyo Kusomo

Upcoming Dance Workshops

Bollywood, Indian folk and Classical Fusion
Song based choreography, Introduction to Indian culture, Kids creative dance and Dance party workshops

SADC Garba Workshop (Indian folk dance from Gujarat workshop)

We are thrilled to introduce a Garba workshop where participants will learn to groove to popular Bollywood songs, and together, we will create a mesmerizing performance that will leave you spellbound.

Garba, a dance form associated with the auspicious festival of Navratri, is known for its lively and rhythmic movements. It involves graceful circular patterns, intricate footwork, and colorful costumes that reflect the joy and spirit of the celebration. In our workshop, we will blend the traditional elements of Garba with the infectious beats and melodies of Bollywood music, creating a fusion that celebrates both the old and the new.

Led by our expert Garba instructor Stuti Aga, participants will embark on a journey to master the vibrant steps and energetic rhythms that define this traditional dance. With every sway and spin, they will immerse themselves in the infectious energy of Garba, feeling the music pulsate through their bodies. The workshop will focus on technique, coordination, and expression, ensuring that every participant feels confident and comfortable on the dance floor.


Links to Past Wokshops

Past Workshops

These workshops are over but hope to see you for our upcoming workshops


"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.Great dancers are not great because of their technique,they are great because of their passion."- Martha Graham

New Bollywood dance courses

Zürich Switzerland

SADC Bollywood Tanz kurs Jeder woche Zurich

Bollywood Fusion

Connect yourself physically and emotionally through dance

Adults & Teens 
| Expressions | Graceful movements | Fitness |

Course date: (Every Tuesdays/ except school holidays)
Sem 2: 29.08 – 05.12
Time:  17:00 – 18:00 – Kids 8-12 years
18:00 – 19:00 – Beginners
Location: GZ Buchegg, Bucheggstarsse 93, 8057 Zürich

Course date: (Every Thursday/ except school holidays)
Sem 2: 31.08 – 07.12
Time:  17:30 – 18:30 – Adults & Teens
Location: Zentrum ELCH Regensbergstarsse 207, 8050 Zurich

Fees: Sem 2 – 325 CHF



  • Regular Bollywood courses
  • Themed based group courses
  • Indian Folk dance training
  • Weekend classes
  • Introduction to Indian culture
  • Kids choreography course
  • Stage preformance preparation
  • Party workshops
  • Hen party courses

Kids Course

| Rhythm | Flow | Coordination|

Bollywood Kids workshop with Stuti Aga Zurich Switzerland

Indian Dance

Kids Age 8 to 12 years
| Rhythm| Flow | Coordination |

Course date: (Every Tuesdays except school holidays)
Sem 2: 29.08 – 05.12
Kids can join in between the semester. Inquire for details.
Time:  17:00 – 18:00
Location: Kellersaal, GZ Buchegg, Bucheggstrasse 93, 8057 Zürich
Fees: Sem 2 – 325 CHF

Be a part of The biggest Bollywood and Indian Folk dance group in Switzerland

Audition call

Teens and Adults
| Rhythm| Flow | Coordination | Passion |


Drop a DM on any Social media channels or whatsapp for more details


Not sure if you can dance ? Do you think you have 2 left feet ? Are you shy to join the group ? Book a private session !!!

Contact Me


For any queries regarding Classes and workshops, Request for upcoming events or Share a collaboration idea to promote Indian culture.



+41 78 748 7581


GZ Buchegg, Bucheggstrasse 93, 8057 Zürich


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      Stuti Aga creative depiction

      Stuti Aga

      Stuti Aga Indian Folk Classical Fusion and Bollywood Artist Choreographer Zurich Switzerland Stuti Aga Indian Artist in Switzerland Bollywood dancer Zurich Bollywood tanzerin Indische Kunstlerin

      Stuti Aga

      Choreographer, Performer and Instructor in Indian Folk, Classical Fusion and Bollywood dance

      Dancing since the tender age of 7 and trained in both Indian classical and folk dance forms, Stuti is a veteran stage performer and a founder of one of the first and highly successful Bollywood dance companies in the Zurich area. Her unique choreographies amalgamate the multi-faceted dance styles she is adept at.

      Over the years, close to 250 students have trained under Stuti and she and her dancers have performed to packed houses all over Switzerland. She has been associated with the prestigious Zürich Tanzt event since several years.

      Stuti’s quest and passion to introduce Indian art forms to the world at large is unceasing.

      Dance Education:

      Oct 2019: Certified Bombay Jam Fitness trainerApr 2012: Intensive training in Rajastani Folk dance under Late Guru Indumati LeleMar 2010: Visharad (Master Diploma) in Bharata Natyam (South Indian Classical Dance) in ​the​ Pandanallur ​style ​by Guru Mayuri GordhandasTrained since the age of 7 from Bharatiya Sangeet Samiti, Mumbai, IndiaSept 2004: Intensive training in Indian Folk dance under Guru Arsh Samir Tanna

      Experience as a Dance Teacher

      Since Jan 2018: Owner of Stuti Aga Dance Company, Artistic director and teacherJan 2011 – Dec 2017: Founder and Artistic Director as Nachle dance CompanySince May 2011: Guest instructor at Dance-It Studio, Zurich Nov2010-Dec2011: Arabesque Dance gallery, ZurichSince 2012: Das Tanzfest & ZuirchTanzt

      Experience as an Artistic Director & Choreographer

      2018: Jalwa, A musical bollywood dance production2017: ZurichTanzt, Folk dance showcase2016: A to Z Bollywood, Indian dance Production2015: Aaja Nachle aur thoda Hasle, Bollywood dance Production2014: 10th Zurich Film festival, Flashmob and Dance show2014: Desi Rang Nachle ke Sang, Indian Folk dance Production2013: Bollywood Showcase, Thun Indian Festival2012: A journey into Bollywood, Bollywood Dance production

      Stuti​ specialises in Indian Folk Dances primarily from the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra,Assam, Punjab and Kashmir. Bollywood dancing is ​essentially a contemporary ​amalgamation of ​many such Indian styles ​which is portrayed in the internationally popular Bollywood movies.

      ​Stuti is ​incredibly passionate about dance and ​nothing brings her more joy that expressing herself creatively through music and movement. Her ​many years of ​Bharatanatyam training ​have ​provided ​her with ​a sound foundation in not just rhythm and dance but grace, expressiveness and a spiritual connection to Indian culture​.​